WKYT Investigates | Lies about COVID and kids

We’re continuing our search for the truth in what can be a deeply confusing social media storm.
WKYT News at 6:00 PM
Published: Sep. 3, 2020 at 10:10 AM EDT
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Editor’s Note: This is the fourth installment in a five-part series targeting misinformation on social media: Why do we fall for it? What’s the truth behind the lies? And how can we figure out for ourselves what’s fact and what’s fiction?

Part IV: Lies about COVID and kids

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - There are some politicians and pundits who say kids don’t get COVID, and if they do, it’s nowhere near as deadly as what adults get. The virus is the same, and WKYT Investigates talked to a family with first-hand knowledge.

Jazmen Thorpe and her son Kaleb have spent the spring and summer together.

“We haven’t taken any trips. We isolate. We see very few people,” said Thorpe.

Finding out the family had a close contact test positive for COVID was their first experience with the virus. Their second was finding out Kaleb, a nine-year-old, tested positive.

“Everybody just started crying their eyes out. And I was just stressed. I was really just stressed,” said Kaleb.

Jazmen Thorpe didn’t get her test results back until the next day. If you ask Kaleb, that one day alone was the worst part of the virus.

“For anybody really by theirselves, if you don’t like being by yourself then a day is just enough to break you down,” said Kaleb. “I kept my TV so there would be atleast a little bit of light, and light in the closet that was in there.”

Jazmen, her neice, and her grandmother also tested positive. The whole family quarantined together.

“I was really worried when all of our tests came back positive, and I spent nights just laying there making sure everybody was still breathing,” noted Jazmen. Her symptoms, and her son’s, were minimal.

“The worry with COVID is the unknown. You don’t know what effects it has. What if that stays in his body forever and then one day he’s playing basketball and his lungs stop working because they’re scarred from the virus?,” questioned Thorpe.

Some children do contract a multi-system inflammatory syndrome after getting COVID. As of last month, the CDC had received reports of 694 confirmed cases of multi-system inflammatory syndrome. Most of those cases are in children between the ages of one and 14. Most children developed the syndrome two to four weeks after contracting COVID-19.

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