Sec. of State Adams approves Fayette Co. election plan

Published: Oct. 7, 2020 at 11:25 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - In a tweet Wednesday afternoon, Secretary of State Michael Adams said he has approved Fayette County’s election plan.

It’s been a journey in itself to get Fayette County’s election plan squared away. The journey hit a roadblock with Sec. Adams, who said he wanted to see change and more polling locations.

Sec. Adams told WKYT’s Nick Oliver Fayette County was tough to figure out, but he believes their plan is on the right track now.

“We were told as recently as last Friday it was impossible to add more locations and the next day we got more locations,” Sec. Adams said.

Those two new locations are in schools. Fayette County Public Schools said the county could use bringing the total to eight locations. Adams believes there wasn’t another choice.

“The reason I have been so persnickety in reviewing Fayette’s plan is of 120 counties, the only county that had long lines on election day during our primary was in Fayette County. I was pretty particular in making sure this plan was successful and I did not think the initial plan was adequate,” Adams said.

He is still making the push for absentee voting to cut down on crowds. In Fayette County more than 85,000 have been requested. 7,500 have been returned.

Karin Wilson says the lines at Kroger Field in May is one reason she is voting absentee.

“The long lines were frightening. In fact I spoke to an elderly woman who could not stand. She could not vote because she could not stand,” Wilson said.

Adams says if he does not see enough voters head to the polls for early voting, concern might be raised again that lines could form. If that happens that’s the only circumstance he would like to see more locations.

The plan is now heading to the desk of the governor.

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