Brewed still open, offers discount for first responders after being ordered by judge to close

Published: Dec. 2, 2020 at 9:24 AM EST
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The controversy surrounding a standoff between Brewed and the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department over Governor Beshear’s indoor dining mandate is taking another turn Wednesday.

The coffee shop off of Nicholasville Road was still open Wednesday morning, despite a court order telling them to stop serving customers.

Tuesday, Fayette County Judge Thomas Travis issued a temporary restraining order against Brewed that meant the coffee shop needed to stop serving food and drinks to patrons. That all came after the health department stripped Brewed of its food and liquor licenses for not following the governor’s mandate.

“I don’t think they’re doing it out of spite, they want to make a living, and you have to make a living. You know they don’t get a government check to support them. You have to make a living,” said one customer.

Judge Travis did not make a decision on whether or not police needed to enforce his ruling, and already Wednesday morning we’ve seen two uniformed Lexington Police officers get their coffee at Brewed, as well as a Fayette County Public Schools officer.

Last week, when Lexington Police was asked by the health department to shut down Brewed, police said the matter was a civil one and not one that law enforcement could take action on. However, in a statement to WKYT late Wednesday morning, Lexington Police said the following:

Last week Lexington Police was called about Brewed being in violation of the Governor’s COVID-19 Executive Order for indoor dining.  After discussing the situation with the Health Department, a violation of this Executive Order was determined to be a civil matter and not one that law enforcement could take action on. Claims that Lexington Police “refused” to shut down the business are inaccurate. We have been in contact with the Health Department regarding steps going forward in light of their court case.

Lexington Police expects all personnel to be aware of their actions, particularly while in uniform, and how those actions reflect on the department as a whole. Reports have been made that two officers were seen patronizing Brewed Wednesday morning. We will address this report with any officers involved.

Brewed posted on its Facebook page Tuesday that it would offer first responders 50% off their orders because Lexington Police declined to shut them down when the health department asked last week.

The restraining order that the judge put in place is tied to the governor’s mandate so it should expire on December 13 when the indoor dining mandate expires.

If that mandate gets extended then the restraining order will also be extended.

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