Regional unemployment offices reopening Thursday for in-person appointments

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 9:59 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Thursday is a day thousands of unemployed Kentuckians have waited for, as 13 regional unemployment offices will reopen for in-person appointments. Many of these offices were closed a few years ago during what was called a restructuring of the system.

Last month, Elizabeth Wesley was laid off.

“It was pretty traumatic. I had been with the same company for 25 years,” Welsey said.

Then she found herself in the same situation thousands of other Kentuckians have in the last year, turning to the state’s unemployment office for help.

“It was pretty intimidating. Because I had heard all the horror stories, and I was like oh this is going to be very difficult,” Wesley said.

Unfortunately, Wesley says she was right. Phone calls with no responses, mail with few answers. She says the month and a half that she’s been dealing with problems has been tough, and can’t image what it’s been like for those who have been waiting longer.

“I don’t see how those people... the stress... and everything that would be left. What you have to think about. You have to buy groceries, you have to go to the doctor, you have try to make bills and have a home,” Wesley said.

Last week some much needed relief after Gov. Beshear announced 13 unemployment offices would reopen and start accepting in-person appointments, and Elizabeth got one.

“Oh I jumped up and down. I thought ‘oh I finally got through to something. Something on here works,’” Wesley said.

The 9,000 appointments that were available for the next two and a half weeks at these locations are already full. However, starting Monday, appointments will be available for early May.

“Just don’t give up. I mean if you’ve worked and you need this money to live, just keep trying,” Wesley said.

To schedule one of the appointments that open Monday for May 3, you’ll need to visit The governor says additional days and times will open in the following days as well.

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