UK experts predict a seasonable timeline of fall foliage this year

WATCH| UK experts predict a seasonable timeline of fall foliage this year
Published: Sep. 11, 2022 at 11:29 AM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It’s that time of year again; as the temperatures fall, the leaves begin to change. Experts say things are looking good this year in terms of bright colors in the bluegrass.

Last year after a promising start, the fall foliage turned way later than expected, but this year experts are predicting a seasonable start as conditions have been favorable recently.

“We’veIt’s got occasional rains, some storm moisture which is important for the leaves to not dry up and fall off cause then we won’t have any fall color, and we’ve lately had nice bright sunny days and cool nights. Which is really good for intensifying leaf color,” said Dr. Laurie Thomas, Extension Forester at UK.

The forecast looks to continue the trend, which means that soon the leaves will start to change.

“It’s predicting that for Kentucky, it will be kinda patchy throughout most of the state, and into some partial and peak around the 15th and 20th of October. We still got a little ways to go," said Thomas.

Dr. Thomas said that the floods from this past summer shouldn’t affect the foliage in those communities too much.

Also, if you are wondering what trees could look like in your backyard, the University of Kentucky’s forestry division has a website that can give you some guidance.

“We have on our department of forestry and national resources website. A lot of great video and great resources to help identify that tree that is in your yard or maybe in your neighborhood that you really love that fall color,” said Thomas.

If you’re looking to see fall foliage in Kentucky, some of the best places to look are state national parks and byways, of course, if you’re willing to venture out of your backyard.