Herrington Lake water level several feet below normal; not keeping boaters off the lake

Herrington Lake water level several feet below normal; not keeping boaters off the lake
Published: Oct. 5, 2022 at 11:01 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Taking advantage of the beautiful weather, boaters depart Kamp Kennedy Marina. But this time with a few more surprises than normal along the shore.

“You can see where the water level used to be on the bank over there. That white line that you see, and the dark line, that’s where the water line normally is in the summer,” said Derek Gibson.

Owners of Kamp Kennedy Marina, Derek Gibson and his wife Katie both grew up on Herrington Lake. And as they show us around on Wednesday, even they are surprised to see just how low water levels are right now.

“You know, it makes it harder to get on and off the docks with the access points. Our ramp is unusable, Chimney Rock’s ramp is unusable. I think Pandora’s ramp is the only one that’s still functioning.”

Starting in October every year, the lake is lowered to 725 feet. Back in August, marina owners received emails from Kentucky Utilities, letting them know they would be lowering the lake one month early and an additional five feet, as they do some cosmetic work on the 100-year-old Dix Dam.

After a few weeks without rain, the lake is now a little lower than that. As you can see from the large stumps, and the stark contrast from where water usually is, to where it’s sitting now along the shore.

But the lower levels clearly aren’t making it impossible for boaters to enjoy their time on the water.

“There’s still a lot of good days left for boat riding. Maybe not so much swimming, but you know, getting out on the boat and riding around and stuff like that.”

A KU spokesperson told us, they hope to finish the work on the dam by mid-November. And then they’ll be able to raise the lake back to the normal level for this time of year.