Poll workers needed in Kentucky as midterm draws near

Poll workers needed in Kentucky as midterm draws near
Published: Oct. 7, 2022 at 4:34 PM EDT
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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We are just over a month away from the November midterm elections.

Secretary of State Michael Adams has warned of a poll worker shortage.

Lexington-area county clerks tell us they’re getting quite busy between sending out absentee ballots and preparing for election day on November 8.

Madison County Clerk Kenny Barger tells us that they’re Implementing a new system that will consolidate the number of polling locations from 14 to eight and includes a new location at the Madison County Library.

Barger says this new model allows people to go to any one of the eight centers, instead of being tied to one spot.

“Doing this makes it more convenient and more efficient because we don’t need as many people and we don’t have pre-printed ballots which cost tens of thousands of dollars,” said Barger.

Barger says it cuts both costs and the number of workers needed in half. Even still, he’s seeking more people to work those polls.

“People aren’t as civically engaged and it’s getting harder and harder to find folks that will do it,” said Barger.

Clark Co. Clerk Michelle Turner says it’s made more challenging by an aging population of volunteers and three days of early voting.

“You may say you’re gonna be a poll worker today and on November 8 you may have Covid, you don’t know,” Turner said.

However, once the day comes and those workers are in place, these clerks are confident the election will be secure.

“I think Kentucky’s done a great job,” Turner said. “Cameras are in every room to make sure no one enters in here that should not. We have not had any problems.”

Barger also urges people to do research in advance of election day and know what will be on the ballot when they come on November 8. He says that way it will be a smoother process for you and everyone else in line behind you as well.

Barger and Turner both saw a very low number of votes in the primaries, but they say they’ve had a great uptick in absentee ballot requests and believe it bodes well for a strong voter turnout next month.