160th anniversary of the battle of Perryville

WKYT News at 6:00 PM sunday CW
Published: Oct. 9, 2022 at 1:44 PM EDT
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PERRYVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - This weekend marks the 160th anniversary of the battle of Perryville.

This was the largest and last major battle of the civil war held in Kentucky leaving the state under union control.

As Abraham Lincoln once said, “I’d like to have God on my side. “But in order to save the union, I need Missouri and Maryland. I fear if I lose Kentucky, I will lose the whole game.”

“It was on October 8th, 1862, 160 years ago,” said Bryan Bush, Park Manger for Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site. “This battle lasted five hours and there were over 8,000 casualties.”

This weekend, thousands of people came out to experience history.

“Way over 1300 reenactors and they are from all over the country,” said Bush.

The reenactment had brought out large crowds also due to the nice weather.

“I know some of you will say it’s a little chilly, but when you are wearing wool, it is perfect weather for us,” said Bush. “The crowds have been absolutely phenomenal.”

The American Battlefield Trust said that the battle of Perryville site is one of the most preserved and intact battlefields in the United States today.

“To commemorate the day it happened is so rare, plus the reason why the reenactors like it is because we are reenacting on the actual site where it happened and there are not a lot of places you can do that anymore,” said Bush.

Between the battle and historical apparel, it was tons of family fun, giving a glimpse of life in the 1860′s.