Toyota gives a preview of what the engineering HQ in Georgetown is working on

WKYT News at 4:30 PM
Published: Oct. 11, 2022 at 4:14 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - Toyota opened up its North American engineering headquarters in Georgetown to WKYT on Tuesday to see a preview of what they are working on.

Executives at the Toyota Production and Engineering Center highlighted how they are “going places” not just here in Kentucky, but around the world. They say Toyota is all about creating the most high-quality vehicles that encourage those to live life to the fullest.

Toyota kicked off the event by showing how they use virtual reality and robots to automate the car-building process and speed up production. Next, they displayed a wide array of different vehicle engines in order to meet the demand of current and future consumer interest, even displaying them with a 3D printed model. Lastly, they spoke about outreach and programs with the University of Kentucky, the children’s hospital, and more.

VP of Production Engineering Tom Buffetta says they are always looking for innovation.

“One is really, how do we educate our workforce to build that product of the future? Today, we were able to show different types of virtual reality where we can bring our current product in with our future product with our current tools that don’t exist today,” Buffetta said. “Where we can bring them into a virtual world and actually train our team members before we have to have a tool or vehicle that actually exists so we are able to pull that into our environment.”

Creating new technologies, advancing the future of their lineup and diversifying and enhancing their workforce. The Toyota Production and Engineering Center continues to look forward to the future of mobility.