Breathitt County braces for potentially record-breaking cold

Cold Weather Preparations in Breathitt Co.
Published: Oct. 17, 2022 at 9:22 PM EDT
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BREATHITT COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Going on 11 weeks after the flood, an eerie quietness settles with the sun high above Breathitt County before the potentially record-breaking low temperatures come in with the night.

“I just hate the thought that somebody’s in a home and ain’t got any kind of heat. It’s just tough to handle,” Jeff Noble, the Breathitt County Judge Executive, said.

Judge Executive Jeff Noble pleads for more heaters. So far, they’ve had 120 people contact his office in need of one. They’ve been able to give out around 60.

“It’s sad to think somebody ain’t got any heat and is freezing. Something you don’t think about is people, when they got their houses muddied out, is they moved back in them. Try to box one room in with your tarp or whatever, and don’t think about those people who don’t have any heat because their heat pumps got destroyed in the flood,” he said.

Noble is opening a warming shelter for the next three nights. But with the potential to even see some snow flurries, the worry is those without heaters...could freeze to death.

“No linen for their beds. Some of them don’t even have beds. Some of them don’t even have pillows, blankets, or cookware. I mean, our needs are as needy as ever,”

There are 15 travel trailers coming in soon, just not soon enough to beat this cold.

“If they don’t have the means to stay warm, if they contact us, we’ll make sure we get to them and try to get them some help.”

The warming shelter is open now until seven in the morning. It will be at the Jackson Fire Department.

You are asked to phone ahead of showing up, and you can do so at 606-666-2424. Pets are not allowed.