Ky. town cuts off water supply to another town so they didn’t run out themselves

Ky. town cuts off water supply to another town so they didn’t run out themselves
Published: Dec. 29, 2022 at 11:07 AM EST
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LINCOLN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Hundreds of people are still without water in Lincoln County.

At the height of the outage, around 500 McKinney Water District customers were without water. Now, that number is down to 200.

People on Fairgrounds Road, south of Stanford, are served by the McKinney Water District and say they have not had water for more than two days.

“All since Monday. I ain’t had water. Been hard having 4 kids and laundry. Trying to get them clean and everything else,” said Burnie Crew.

Stanford Water is the actual supplier for the McKinney Water District. Stanford Water’s manager told us three-fourths of their reserves had been depleted because it was going to McKinney.

There was concern that Stanford was going to run out of water on Sunday. So, they called the Kentucky Division of Water and were told that their only option was to cut off McKinney’s supply. We’re told, since that decision, water service has gradually been restored.

Stanford water’s manager told us there was no urgency for McKinney to look for leaks. The result of this has been a lot of families still without water.

“Yeah at this point beyond frustrated. Not just for myself but for my family and children,” said Dylan Boynton.

Stanford’s water manager says there have not been any water main breaks that they are aware of.

The chairman of the McKinney Water District Board tells us they never did find a leak and blamed many of the problems on water usage from their customers and they could not keep up with the demand. He’s encouraging everyone, residential and businesses, to do what they can to conserve.

He says McKinney’s crews are working as fast as they can to get everyone’s water back on.