Kentucky teen cares for his community by caring for their lawns

Kentucky teen cares for his community by caring for their lawns
Published: May. 22, 2023 at 3:25 PM EDT
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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - One Georgetown teenager is making a difference one yard at a time.

Putting the care back into lawn care. That’s the mission of the Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service. Now, one Kentucky teenager fully understands what that means.

“I saw something I could do, and I wanted to do,” said Caleb Farrar. “I love mowing lawns and I love helping out people who can’t do it for themselves.”

At just 13 years old, Caleb has learned what hard work looks like.

“Watching him when it was raining and he wanted to get it completed so he could go to basketball practice and not giving up and knowing that there was times when the grass was so tall he’d have to pick up garbage and toys before he would even get started. And he’d never complained. He just continued on,” said Crystal Farrar, Caleb’s mom.

Caleb started the Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service’s 50-yard challenge two years ago.

“It’s a service where if you mow 50 lawns for the community, you get a free lawn mower weed eater, and leaf blower,” said Caleb.

Teens are challenged to mow 50 yards for free for the elderly, disabled, single veterans, or anyone in need in their community.

“I’ve mowed lawns for Mr. Ed, and here I mowed another lawn for an elderly lady who had Covid and whenever I was actually on vacation with my family, my pa pa had me and took me to like seven places for people who couldn’t mow their lawn, and I mowed theirs for free,” said Caleb.

“It means a lot because i just it was hard to imagine that grass cutting much higher and i was considering getting a lawn mower myself but my wife argued that i didn’t have enough energy to do it.

Fifty yards later, the challenge was complete, and Caleb got to meet the founder of the Raising Men and Women Lawn Care Service, Rodney Smith Jr., when he delivered his new gear.


“I started out with an electric lawnmower, and if you’ve ever mowed with an electric lawnmower, you know that it doesn’t stay for long,” said Caleb. “So batteries kept burning out, I’d have to drive home and drive back with a lawnmower in the back of a minivan. So, it was definitely hard. So this is definitely going to help.

Caleb’s ambition doesn’t end there. His new equipment will serve him well with his newest goal.

“I’m trying to start my own business at the same time, but I’ll definitely continue doing the ones I’m doing right now for free,” said Caleb.

A challenge completed, but lessons learned for a lifetime.

“Showing love to your neighbors, that what it instills in your children is so much more hard work, perseverance and just being steadfast and saying, you’re going to start something and you’re going to finish it,” said Crystal.

If you know a teenager that would like to take part in the challenge, you can visit

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