Hope Center breaks ground on new housing facility

Published: Mar. 20, 2018 at 10:24 AM EDT
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Lexington's Hope Center is adding a new facility to help recovering addicts.

On Tuesday community leaders, Hope Center staff, clients, and donors broke ground on a new transitional housing complex.

The new 48-unit drug and alcohol-free facility will be used to support ongoing recovery through onsite meetings and other resources.

The Hope Center already has two permanent housing facilities, Hill Rise Place and the Barbara H. Rouse Apartments. Staff say the two centers are consistently full.

"When they come out of different programs they need to have housing with folks, and not go back to the old community where they were and get in, and start doing the same things," noted Cecil Dunn, Hope Center Executive Director. "They started out in that building down there, the emergency shelter, and they progressed to whatever program they're in - substance abuse, mental health, whatever it is, and then they're able maybe for the first time in many, many years to have their own home."

The Hope Center houses and feeds more than 800 men, women and children daily through its numerous programs.

Construction will begin as soon as the weather permits. It will take approximately 11 months to complete.