UK's Langston Jackson named Athlete of the Week

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 5:14 PM EST
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It's safe to say Langston Jackson has gotten off to a fast start to his collegiate track career.

"I don't know if I expected it this early," said Jackson. "Just being a freshman like I saw all these times last year in college, and it was like crazy times, and I was like okay I can get there one day, but to think I got there this fast and this early is surreal."

This past weekend at the New Mexico Collegiate Classic in Albuquerque, Jackson set a new school record in the 200-meters with a time of 20.58, which is good for No. 2 in the NCAA this season.

"I didn't even know what the record was honestly," said Jackson. "I knew that I was going to run fast because it's a fast track, and I knew if I got out like I did, I would have a fast time, but I was running, and at the end of the race I saw 20.58, and it was just crazy."

The UK freshman is undefeated this season in his five 200m races while he has won nine of his eleven 60m races, but he isn't slowing down.

"I never want to just settle for my times, so I always think I have more in me and try to do more," said Jackson. "Like in the weight room, if I have nine reps, I do ten reps, or I try to do more. That way, I can get that extra tenth of a second off my time."

The Lexington native and Henry Clay alum has even earned himself a nickname.

"Yeah, I actually made an Instagram post, and I said hometown hero in one of my pictures in my UK jersey," said Jackson. "So now all my teammates call me hometown hero, and I kind of embrace it because I'm just trying to put on for my city and do what I can for Lexington."