Making 2023 Sound Better: Bluegrass Hearing Clinic Giving the Gift of Hearing

Bluegrass hearing.

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As we reflect on the many blessings we’ve experienced, over the last 26 years, we recognize not everyone has been so fortunate. Today, 250 million Americans live with hearing loss, yet only one in five people who could benefit from hearing aids do so. Untreated hearing loss has physical, social, emotional, and mental health implications. With 26 years of experience helping Kentuckians hear better, Bluegrass Hearing Clinic is joining forces with ReSound and hearing care professionals nationwide to donate up to $1 million of hearing aids and service to people with hearing loss who otherwise cannot afford professional hearing care with the Gift of Hearing.

As part of that effort, Bluegrass Hearing Clinic is now seeking nominations of people with hearing loss who are experiencing financial difficulty and would benefit from receiving a set of ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aids, one of the top hearing aids available on the market today!

Know someone in need? Make 2023 the year your loved one celebrates better hearing by nominating him or her to receive a pair of ReSound OMNIA™ hearing aids. These hearing aids are the highest quality, rechargeable and completely free. All nominations must be submitted by January 31st, 2023. For more information and to submit your nominations, please visit

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