The Foster Care Council: Helping Children Persevere

The Foster Care Council

Sponsored - With your help, and the help of our community, we can make foster children feel loved and lead these children to be strong adults. The Foster Care Council’s mission is to provide academic, enrichment, clothing, & mentorship opportunities for Kentucky’s foster children that have been removed from their home due to abuse, abandonment, or neglect. Learn more about their programs:

Individualized Tutoring

The individualized Tutoring Program is set up so that a foster child will have a chance to succeed in his/her studies. Being taken out of your home and placed in an unfamiliar environment is hard enough; now add having to keep up with homework and studying for tests.

The Foster Care Council provides a tutor to a foster child that is testing below grade level.  The Education Training Coordinator will place the child with a certified teacher for 3 hours per week. The child is pre-tested to determine individual academic needs.

The uniqueness of this program is that the tutoring is conducted at the child’s current residence (with the caregiver present), this ensures the child receives the assistance. The child is post tested after six months to determine progression and future academic needs.

Studio Thrifty4 the Kids

The Foster Care Council

The Foster Care Council has opened Studio Thrifty4 the Kids, a non-profit, boutique-style store where foster parents can bring their foster children to shop for clothing and other basic necessities at no cost to the families.

Studio Thrifty4 the Kids is fully stocked with basic necessities for children, including new and gently used boys’ and girls’ clothing for infants up to 18-year-olds. The store has an inviting disco theme that is colorful, chic and fun for kids of all ages.

The atmosphere of the boutique was created to ensure the foster children have an enjoyable experience as they shop for clothing and necessities. The goal of Studio Thrifty4 the Kids is to provide a sense of normalcy to foster children by sending them home with basic needs to set them up for success.

Enrichment Activities & Summer Camps

The enrichment program allows for foster youth to participate in the activity or summer camp of their choice; sports, music, karate, the arts or any other activity they want to explore.  This opportunity allows for the child to find talents that might otherwise go unrecognized. Thus, increasing a child’s self-esteem, attitude in the classroom, school/home behavior and allow them to meet and interact with peers with the similar interests.

Teen Mentoring

Foster youth age out of the system at 18 years old with minimal life skills. They are given the opportunity to recommit to the state and continue receiving resources, but many individuals say they are tired of being “under the thumb” of the state and want to be on their own.

The Foster Care Council (FCC) wants to provide this this mentoring program as a resource to 9th-12th grade foster students expressing the need and desire to learn how to survive and thrive on their own after aging out of the system.

The intention is to have a Certified Mentor Coach (CMC) to properly teach volunteer mentors what to discuss, and when to discuss specific topics with their mentees. Mentors will be asked to assist youth in further developing his/her daily life skills, such as self- confidence, self-esteem, academic excellence, and moral values. Mentors will encourage their mentee to make his/her own decisions and take responsibility for themselves.

Your support makes a genuine difference in children’s lives. We can change young lives - together. How can you help get involved? Check out for more information, as well as how to make a financial donation, donate clothes, shop merchandise, and how to sign up for Kroger and Amazon benefits to The Foster Care Council!