Make Back to School Easy with Beef!


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School supplies are purchased, the first-day outfit is laying out, and the Beef, It’s What’s For Dinner brand completed meal prep homework that will ensure families receive the nutrients they need and parents win back some precious time in their busy schedules. These A+ weeknight beef recipes require minimum time in the kitchen for maximum taste and health benefits.

The After-Work Beef Pot Roast means kids and parents will arrive home and feast on this tender, well-balanced dinner together while catching up on the day’s happenings without the stress of urgently combing through the pantry to get a meal on the table. To simplify this dish even more, slice the vegetables the night before and refrigerate overnight so that in the morning there are only two steps to preparing dinner – toss the ingredients in the slow cooker and press the “on” button. This juicy roast makes life even easier because the recipe results in leftovers depending on the size (and appetite) of the family.

Add a couple vegetables and some simple ingredients to the leftover roast and another delicious dinner is ready to be devoured in less than 30 minutes, including prep time. Cuban Crispy Shredded Beef can be paired with rice, black beans and lime wedges or served over a salad.

Another favorite that only takes half an hour to prepare and cook, and is kid-friendly, are these Beefy Sweet & Sloppy Joes. This sandwich is so tasty that kids and parents will be left wanting more. Simply double the amount of ingredients to have enough sloppy joes for everyone and have extras for lunch the next day.

One Pot Lasagna Pasta saves time doing dishes and includes all the food groups while packing plenty of Italian flavor that everyone loves. The lean beef, veggies, reduced-fat cheese and pasta are the ideal blend that prove taste doesn’t have to be sacrificed for a well-balanced meal. This recipe can also be doubled in one large pot so the whole family has a delicious lunch to enjoy later in the week.

Click on any of the recipes above, copy and paste the ingredients to a grocery shopping list and checking “make dinner” and “make the kids’ lunches” off the to-do list is one step closer.