Lexington Police Department receives $8000 salary improvement in 2023


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Although people don’t generally associate public service with building a healthy financial portfolio, the recent salary improvement in combination with the numerous other benefits the department offers, makes building wealth a reality for its officers. The Lexington Police Department is hiring for multiple police training academy classes in 2023 and police officers stand to earn larger salaries and better benefits than ever before. With these recent changes to employee compensation, officers can build an excellent lifestyle for themselves and their families while serving their community in a way they can be proud of. For complete details on compensation and benefits or to apply, visit www.joinlexpd.com.

Starting in January of 2023, police recruits in Lexington’s non-residential police training academy will earn a base salary of $56,410 which increases to $60,710 after graduation. The Lexington Police Department values education highly and awards an education incentive to officers based on the number of college credit hours they have obtained ranging from $750 to $1,500 per year. An additional pay incentive of $1,872 is given to bilingual officers who act as a foreign language interpreter for the police department. Officers who work second or third shift earn a shift differential pay of $1,040 and $2,080 per year respectively.

The Lexington Police Department also has multiple career development opportunities. Upon three years of service, officers are eligible to serve in both part-time and full-time units. Upon six years of service, officers are eligible to participate in a promotional process to pursue leadership opportunities. Under the current collective bargaining agreement, any employee who pursues career development at the officer or detective rank will have a top base salary after 16 years of service of $88,312. Any employee who pursues leadership at the sergeant rank will have a top base salary after 9 years of service of $108,745.

Whether you are actively seeking employment in a field of service to others, looking for a positive career change, or seeking an honorable occupation that fits your financial goals, The Lexington Police Department has a career path for you. Apply now through February 6th, 2023 for the June 2023 police academy class. Apply online at www.joinlexpolice.com or from your smartphone by texting “joinlpd” to 859-658-1414.