Your local Ford dealers have more in store

Sponsored - When you look at our region, there’s a lot more to us than meets the eye. The people who live here are more adventurous. More outgoing. More fun-loving. We’re not satisfied with the status quo. Around here, folks expect more than that. We put in more hours because we have more pride in our work. We love living here ‘cause there’s more to see. More to do. Folks around here expect to get more for their money.

All that said, back in the day, we used our vehicles to get us from point a to point b. Today, people want more from their vehicles. And that’s exactly what they’ll get when they shop at their local Ford store. They’ll get vehicles with more capability. Vehicles that help them do more work. And get more out of life.

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Our SUV’s have massaging seats, so they get to their destination more relaxed. And our vehicles have a host of standard safety features that give us more peace of mind.

More savings. More service. More options. We’re all that – and so much more. We’re your local Ford dealers. And that’s why we can say, there’s always more…in store.