October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month!

Sponsored - October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month, and despite the COVID-19 crisis and associated restrictions, one business is booming – pet adoptions! Pet ownership is a big responsibility, so if this is your first shelter dog adoption, you’ll want to consider several things. Some steps to pet-proof your home are:

  • Provide a comfortable “den” or resting area the dog can have to himself
  • Plan a nutritious diet and exercise routine
  • Organize your schedule to reduce separation anxiety

Additionally, selecting a veterinarian with a proven track record of clinical expertise and excellent customer feedback can make yours and the new pup’s quality of life much better.

As the proud Adoption Sponsor for the Lexington Humane Society, Richmond Road Veterinary Clinic encourages you to take these steps to get ready, and then visit their shelter in 1600 Old Frankfort Pike in Lexington to #adoptlove. Or, you can visit them online at https://www.lexingtonhumanesociety.org/adopt-love.