Considerations for a Remodel or New Home Build

Sponsored - Building a new house or remodeling your home? The pre-construction phase is the perfect time to plan your audio, video, and home network system.

Not sure where to get started? Here is 46Solutions’ sample construction plan to show you how to design your AV systems before you build or remodel.

Step 1 — Decide where you want your TVs, speakers and network.

Waiting until your house is move-in ready will limit your options for audio an

d video placement. If you plan with professionals before construction starts, you can choose the perfect locations for all your devices. It is a lot easier, and not to mention more cost effective, to run wires before the drywall is up.

Step 2 — Don’t forget the power supply.

Mounted TVs, projectors, and equipment locations need power. Outdoor, weather-proof TVs and speakers are a nice touch to a patio, but also need a power supply. Work with 46Solutions early on to help identify these locations so the electricians know where you will need specific plugs.

Step 3 — Decide where your control center will go.

The most common place for amps and controllers is in the basement - but what if you don’t have one? Remember, you’ll need adequate space for an AV rack to house the control equipment.

Step 4 — Run wire and install speaker brackets before drywall goes up.

Pre-wire! Before walls go up, run all the wire you think you might ever need. Once the framework for your new or remodeled home is in place, be sure you have plenty - and extra! - speaker wire, network cable, and cable pathways.

If you want whole-home audio, be sure to add the pre-construction brackets for the ceiling speakers. These brackets help pinpoint the exact location for each speaker and make installation easier.

The finished product.

Once your construction is underway, we can help choose the right video display for your space and provide the acoustics and lighting to complement the design. Your whole-home audio, big-screen TVs with 4K or 8K resolution, and your WIFI network can all be controlled easily from remote devices.

Need help figuring it all out?

There’s a lot to consider when shopping for whole-home audio, video, and home network systems. When it’s time to get started, contact our professionals at 46Solutions and we’ll be happy to help! Design to installation, 46Solutions has the experience and knowledge to guide you through your construction or remodel project.