Cybercriminals Are Targeting Small Businesses. Are You at risk?

Sponsored - While it is much more common to see larger company data breaches reported in the media, the truth is, small and medium-sized businesses continue to fall short at managing their cyber risk – making them prime targets for hackers. If you are a small business owner or operator, here’s a few reasons why your business could find itself the subject of such an attack:

1. Small businesses have the information cybercriminals want.

If your organization uses accounting software, online banking, processes credit cards, or deals with private health information, you are the perfect candidate for a network hack. Once the attack occurs, it could take hundreds of thousands of dollars to recover the data.

2. Small businesses usually budget elsewhere.

Many smaller organizations focus their limited people and money on things other than network security. It is not uncommon for business owners to purposely forgo network security, even though they are aware of the dangers a cyberattack can pose. Cybercriminals know this, and relentlessly search for ways to get into under-defended networks.

3. Under-trained employees make small businesses more vulnerable.

Hackers love to target unsuspecting employees with email phishing scams and other social engineering techniques in order to trick them into providing confidential information. Due to their continued high success rate, email links and attachments are the number one delivery vehicle for malware.

A cyberattack can put a small business owner out of business within a day because of the ransom amount. The lost revenue due to downtime, the cash spent attempting to remedy the breach, and the reputational damage - and potential lost clients - can be detrimental for an owner.

46Solutions is here for small business owners. Our full-time IT team can assist an organization’s IT professionals with their day-to-day technology needs, or provide enterprise-level IT services if the small business doesn’t have an IT department. We provide proactive resources to prevent cyberattacks, protect and train your employees to recognize threats, and offer 24/7 helpdesk technicians to handle any technological issue on your network, remotely.

We offer the following tips for business owners to protect themselves from cyber threats:

  1. Change your mindset. YOU ARE A TARGET.
  2. Train your employees to recognize risks and threats.
  3. Get your network assessed. An assessment from a professional company such as 46Solutions will identify cyber threats, develop an incident response plan, and implement countermeasures to mitigate high probability threats.

Business owners who take cybersecurity seriously, partnering with a professional and responsible firm, are less likely to be at risk. Failing to be proactive in your network technology could mean risking your entire business. Contact 46Solutions today to get started.