Springhouse Gardens has your top 5 Mother’s Day gifts for 2022!

Springhouse Gardens

Sponsored - Celebrate mom this Mother’s Day with a gift from Springhouse Gardens, whose story began on Mother’s Day in 1995!

Whether your mom likes the more popular plants of the Bluegrass, like boxwoods, hydrangeas, hostas, daylilies and sweetbay magnolias, or the unusual and hard-to-find plants like witchhazels, Japanese maples, winterberries, Lenten roses and beautyberries, Springhouse Gardens has you covered! See our top 5 Mother’s Day gifts for the special lady in your life:

1. Hardy Trees, Shrubs & Evergreens

Looking for something that can last a lifetime? A hardy tree or shrub can survive the winter and still thrive and reproduce. Plus, there are several fast-growing shrubs and trees to choose from.

Evergreens are also a great choice, as they retain their leaves throughout the year and into the following growing season.

Examples: Bur Oak, Kentucky Coffeetree, Azaleas, Blue Hydrangeas, Pine, Spruce

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2. Annuals, Perennials & Ornamental Grasses

Add some color and dimension to the garden with annuals, perennials and ornamental grass. Perennials regrow every spring, while annuals only live for one growing season, so it’s common to use a combination of both in your landscaping. Ornamental grass is easily cared for while providing a dramatic appearance with the wide variety of colors, textures and sizes.

Examples: Marigold, Geranium, Daylily, Peony, Fountain Grass, Maiden Grass

3. Native Plants & Dwarf Conifers

Keep the balance of nature that has developed over hundreds of years throughout the Bluegrass with native plants! They’re great for our local bee, butterfly and pollinator population.

Dwarf conifers are small, ornamental trees or shrubs that bear cones. Adding these can provide a year-long decorative value in your garden landscape.

Examples: Pawpaw, Bloodroot, Milkweeds, Pine, Cypress, Juniper

4. Specialty & Topiary Plants

Pick something a bit more decorative for mom this year with a specialty or topiary plant. There are three main types of topiary – traditional, sphagnum and trained ivy. With proper care, topiaries will return every year (as long as it thrives in your region).

Examples: Boxwood, Lavender, Rosemary, Japanese Holly, Cherry Laurel, Privet

5. Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets can be the perfect colorful touch to a porch, balcony, or free-standing hook in a garden. Depending on the location, some baskets may need to be watered daily. Always be sure to remove dead foliage regularly to elongate the life of your basket.

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