Meet Mark- The Secret Behind The Brew

Sponsored - Versailles Brewing Company, located in Woodford County, invites you into our world of craft brewing. Our mission is to create a variety of beer from around the world while serving up a local food menu. Our master brewer, Mark Phipps, is a key ingredient in making that happen.

With almost 50 years of experience and an education in biochemistry, Mark has the understanding of a ‘true’ craft beer.  He has taken an empty warehouse and created an extraordinary, first-of-its-kind brewing system. One that at the end of each brew creates very little waste. Mark says, “I stand behind drinkable and true to style beer... it needs to taste authentic and good enough to have more than one!”

The ingenuity for mastering our brews start with major components such as:

  • A Masters in Brewing and Distilling
  • Reverse Osmosis - which allows him to tailor his brew to that of the water the beer-style comes from originally
  • High Efficiency Mash Filter
  • Using hops from all over the world (Belgium, England, Bavaria, etc)

These create a perfect combination for beer right here in Central Kentucky.

Come visit Mark and enjoy our socially distanced dining space. Try the Hell[y]es Lager or our newest release, Harvest Oktoberfest.